Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Years Resolution

Hi everyone!

So, one thing that has been on my mind is why am I blogging less. Why do I feel unmotivated to write to everyone about my teaching? && I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I'm finally finding a balance between family, friends, && school. This year, my focus was to include the people that mean the most in this world && to create amazing memories with them. && this year I did just that:
  • Monthly dinners with my friends
  • Fun grade level ideas actually getting implemented (+ our close friends)
  • Reuniting with my elementary school friends (since they live in the PNW still)
  • Dinners with my family && more with our cousins
  • SURPRISE Oregon trip -- my 1st time back since graduating college 4 years ago
  • Spending time with the FAB5 && our close friends
  • Meeting my boyfriend :)
  • Going to baseball games with my "little sister" during her senior year of high school
  • Reuniting with the trio
  • Hikes & dinners with my guy friends
  • Reuniting with my college friends that live at home
  • Trying new places & reconnecting with high school friends

Well, I want to start 2016 out right, and continue blogging again and find my motivation. But until then, I'm blessed to have spent 2015 with these people. I'm excited for what 2016 brings :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2 more days to go!

Happy happy hump day lovelies!

My lack of bloggy life is really showing again. *grr..*

I have an explanation!

You see.. when it's the school year.. I'm veryyy selective when I choose to go out and when I choose to go out. Honestly.. I'm not cut out to stay out late at night and was never a huge night life girl. I enjoy my sleep and homebody time, especially starting my school days at 7:00 am and lasting until 4:00 pm. But when I do decide to go out, they really are there to share my nights out with me.

From supporting classmates' small businesses to fancy dinners to painting pottery.. yup.. I'm truly a lucky girl who has friends who make sure I have fun once in a while. Here's to 2 more days until Spring Break in Hawai`i nei.

P.S. I'm obsessed with Sam Smith's album! Let alone.. found this choreography online and really started missing contemporary class. Hmm.. something to consider during break? Mayyybeee..

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Currently: MARCH

Holy cannoli! Can you believe its March!? I certainly can't. This year is flying by from the seat of my pants (oh idioms.. too much work can't you tell?) Haven't done this in awhile, but I'm linking up with Farley's Currently.

Listening: Guess the secret's out now.. I love watching HGTV. One of the shows I like to watch during my free time is Love It or List It. I always root for Hillary LOL.

Loving: On Thursday, I observed 2 different schools with my grade level. It was a lot of fun to travel to different schools with my grade level to observe the amazingness that they offer. Next year, we're going to revamp our afternoon block completely. More on that when I have more time. One of the schools we observed was my high school.

Thinking: Now that it's March, my students are going through the SBA practice testing this week. Then, I have 1 week of instruction, 1 week of Spring Break, and then a week before actual SBA testing! Can I just say, WHEN AM I GOING TO TEACH!? :(

Wanting: Looking outside on this goregous day in Hawai`i nei, I WISH I COULD JUST RELAX AT THE BEACH! But, I need to use the computer so I must stay indoors.

Needing: I'm a teacher. I need my coffee. Coffee coffee C O F F E E !

Spring Break Plans: As much as I want to see my friends (but they'll all be working), I want to work on replanning my weeks post-Spring Break so I don't panic at the end of 4th quarter. Plus, I do need to do report cards. Who said breaks were actually breaks right?

I look forward to reading your currently! Linky up with Farley :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy Almost Hump Day.

Oh you East Coasters.. how I envy your snow days recently.
But I will admit this little girl from the 808 loves her sunshine.
As much as I miss the cold.. I hated scraping ice off of the car window.
But whereever you are...


This has been my most recent singing-car-rides-stress-reliever song on my car rides to and from school. Sometimes I'll even dance to it in my classroom ;)
As Thursday is GLAD (grade level articulation day) aaaaand my Friday (since Friday will be our PC Day).. it's my last full day of teaching for the week!
Hope you're having a good week!

Remember.. whatever it is.. dance it out!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Words Per Minute Stresses

As state testing season is about to approach us, my school has been prepping and meeting about the new national test we adapted. As we're gearing towards 21st century learning and the emphasis of techonology readiness skills for students, one of my grade level friends found an awesome website for students to practice their typing skills.

TypingClub is f r e e to use. It's super easyyy to use and the kids' whined that I made them log out (those are the best moments aren't they?) Students can login immediately when they type the url.

From there, students will login their Google account (if they have one.) If not, you can create a TypingClub account for your students.

The lessons for students are numbered in order for your student. The stars signify what lessons they have finished and how well they executed the task. I told my students they can't move on until they get 3 stars! What is also nice is being able to see the kids' statistics on their average words per minute and how much time they've spent practicing. Plus, the kids' could strive for points!

So what does the lesson look like? Well, it tells the students what fingers to use to type! If green shows up, then that means they typed correctly! If there is red, then there was a mistake they made. Speed and accuracy of the lesson is calculated for the students as well.

Lastly, what every teacher loves, when the students' results shows up! It shows the student how many stars they earned, how many points, and their timing for the lesson. (Sorry, yes there may be advertisements, but the students didn't notice!) What I also like is how it gives students' options to redo the lesson to better themselves :)

Check out TypingClub with your kiddos. My 3rds love love love their typing time (especially since they want to type as fast as me hee hee!)

** I was not asked to advertise I'm just sharing my experience and successes of the website with all of you.
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