Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My First Blog!

Hello World :)

I can't believe my dreams have finally come true: I can say I'm a teacher! As I was hired in late October, I was thinking of ways to keep track of my teaching experiences besides through a portfolio. I have come across many useful resources thus far, therefore, I wanted to have a place to store all of this wonderful information. Furthermore, many of my friends are all over the world, and they continue to ask about my life with kindergarteners. So here we go.. my first blog as a teacher & I've never been more excited than to say I have my own class!

To start, here is my room before:

My family helped to set up my room the weekend before the children came into the classroom!

Then at the end of the first weekend, this was the result of my family & friends' hard work! Thank you to all of them for helping to make my first classroom AMAZING!

My biggest tip for any mid-year teacher: ROUND UP YOUR TEAM EARLY! Have family & friends on board to help get your classroom rolling. My team didn't waste any time to help make sure we had as much done as we could to make my classroom look clean & ready to go :)

I'll go through the different parts of my classroom in other blogs. But for now, welcome to my life as a teacher!

x3 L

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