Sunday, March 31, 2013

Crazy Craziness!

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a LONG time. There've been many changes since Spring Break & even if I wanted to update.. there was definitely no time.

During Spring Break, I've been reading "Math Work Stations: Independent Learning You Can Count On, K-2." So far, I absolutely L O V E this book! It's a great way to tap into 21st Century learning, and building primary children's independence at such an early age. For my first PEP-T observation, I conducted a math review of previously taught and upcoming math topics. The children love doing stations, and they look forward to math. It was a tweeked version from what I've read in the book because my students need more structure, but I highly recommend this text to teachers willing to take a risk :)

Although I didn't dye Easter eggs with students, or have an Easter egg hunt, my students decorated eggs for our bulletin board. One of my best friends from college helped me integrate math with this fun holiday (and he's majoring in physical therapy.. who would've thought!) The students were learning about geometry, and creating patterns with shapes through drawings, pattern blocks, and stamps. The children loved making their different "eggs" and patterns, but it was a nice way to tie it into standards too :) I'll post pictures tomorrow afterschool

Until then HAPPY EASTER :)

-- L

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