Saturday, April 6, 2013

Head.. Shoulders.. Knees.. & Toes

As the first full week back to work comes to an end, I feel so overwhelmed by all that I need to do. I went into school today for 4 hours just trying to print report cards, figure out who needs refunds for our field trip, post new student pictures to add to our community, and organize paperwork. I feel a little better, but I know I still have a lot to finish this weekend. So, please excuse me for my absence from the blogging world :(

Although Easter past, I said I was going to show my Easter Egg Pattern project. My friend & I came up with the idea late one night. I was struggling with an idea of what the kinders could do that would help them practice patterns. First, the children created a pencil & paper draft of their Easter egg. They had to choose between AB, ABC, or ABCD patterns, and label it on the side. When they were ready for their BIG Easter egg, they needed to tell me what type of pattern they created for their Easter egg. This activity made me see which students understand their patterns.

We also started our study of the human body. On Thursday, March 28th, students were partnered up to trace each other's bodies. I wish I planned a little better by having the children do puzzles or some type of human body busy work to manage the classroom more.

This past week Wednesday, the children sang "Head...Shoulders...Knees...and Toes" to learn some parts of their bodies. Then, the children labeled their head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. I also included hands and feet. I wish I remembered fingers as well. This activity was also a little chaotic as I left their posters hanging up, and the children needed to show me where a certain body part was located. Although I had a parent volunteer help, the management of the classroom was a little difficult as she tended to her daughter often during the class time. Overall, most children finished labeling their body parts. My singing kinders loved this activity :) To manage my classroom a lot better, I would have made the children label their person by table groups rather than as a whole class activity.

That's it for my quick update :) I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far!

-- L

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