Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lemonade Alley

On Saturday, I helped my friend & Mid-Pac classmate Jeff with the 3rd annual Lemonade Alley. Lemonade Alley is a kid-business competition where students in grades K-12 are able to compete for $1,000! The purpose is to educate future entrepreneurs on the basics of creating a business, and the importance of giving back to the community. Students are able to attend workshops to learn about creating lemonade, designing their booths, & being coached on their pitch. Jeff was the PR contact for the event, and it was a good experience to see what Lemonade Alley is all about for hopefully next year & years after :)

The sponsors popped the 5 giant balloons which released hundreds of smaller balloons. Let Lemonade Alley commence!

The lemonade scientists made the cutest drawings for lemons :)

Lemonade Alley stage at the Hyatt Regency :) I told Jeff that it was such a neat venue because it looked like an alley full of lemonade stands!

Thanks Jeff for teaching me about Lemonade Alley :) I'll really consider it for next year!

Such a beautiful day to sell lemonade & raise money for charity :)

For more information on Lemonade Alley, visit their website!

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