Saturday, April 20, 2013

Take a Walk into My Classroom.

Well here it is! My first classroom set-up :) I had so much fun making updates & additions to my classroom. So here it is folks.. welcome to E-101!

The front door. Everyday (okay not everyday more.. like every 2-3 weeks HAHA) my kiddies check the front door to see if there are new jobs posted. I feel bad not always being on top of things to change it. & this week showed some of my boys are wanting & needing a change!

The old front door (now back door). has showed WHOO'S in E-101. Recently, my students have been into learning how to write everyone's names by looking at their name plates AND the back door :) Even if there's someone's human body being hung on the back door, that hasn't stopped them from looking to spell their friends' names :) Yay for environmental print!

Cubbies. It must've been meant to be at the beginning of the school year. I had 16 students, and 16 matching cubbies. It was definitely MEANT TO BE :) My kiddies know I'm strict with organization. As we are an AVID school, I constantly remind them to straighten up their cubbies & desks. They aren't allowed to transition into the next activity in their daily routine unless they are being neat! (The bottom right cubby was an exception when I started the year because the student had a lot of stuff!)

My desk. It definitely doesn't look like this anymore! It is messy & chaotic. I should be practicing what I preach with them more often, but I have a stack of student work that is STILL piling up! So much love from my lovelies, but I'm going to make a book instead of their "artwork." :)

* Thank you to Pinterest for my Teacher Toolbox. Visit Mrs. Rojas Teaches to receive more info about how to create your on Teacher Toolbox. Best investment EVER! Even my substitutes love it because everything is right there for them. Other faculty&staff got into it too :)

My classroom layout. I have 4 table groups (later named by color tubs -- yellow, red, blue, & green.) On the tables, students store their "busy folders" in the yellow & blue caboodles. Their busy folders consist of work that tend to each individual. My students range drastically with their learning levels that  this system allows me to accommodate to all children. Not all students have folders, so their papers are loosely left in the caboodles. Honestly, it drives me NUTS!

* Next year, I want to have drawers with student numbers instead of busy folders. The drawers allow for more organization, and students can have more table space as well.

Sink area. To help my students become more self-directed learners, I have students try to look at anchor charts on their own instead of asking me for the answer. I found these 3 charts (Color, 1-100, & Shapes) at Education Works.

Math Center. I absolutely LOVE my Math Center. Thanks to hand-me-down manipulatives, and the extras from the school, my students have LOTS of manipulatives to help them become better mathematicians. The bulletin board is themed based on the collaborative learning project topic the children are learning about at the time. This was from our measurement unit.

* Next year, I will like organize my math manipulatives based off of Debbie Diller's "Math Work Stations: Independent Learning You Can Count On, K-2." I discussed my thoughts on this resource in a past blogpost titled, Crazy Craziness!

The back of my classroom. It definitely doesn't look like this anymore, but this is my Writing/Art Center. Since I had LOTS of extra desks, my family & I decided to make them into a space for children to have a Writing/Art Center :)

Clock. Although my kiddies are too young to read a clock (also it isn't part of Common Core to tell time), I found these cute minute labels from Amanda at One Extra Degree. There is a freebie attached too!

*I can't wait to use it to help upper elementary students learn (when that time comes.)

My Writing/Art Center. It is actually very uniquely made. My mom & Aunty Pam stacked 3-4 desks underneath and laid foldable table on top to level the work area. Then, the tablecloth was used to hide the desks & table, but also added more funk to this center. Yay for family creativity :) Each drawer is labeled a type of paper (Blank, handwriting, journal, or coloring pages.) I found the pink labels at Fisher, and it came in an assorted pack. I love post-its :)

Birthday Wall. Based off of a pin I found, my birthday wall is made of cupcakes. Every child's birthday is a candlestick. I used scrapbook paper to make the cupcakes & the lit candlesticks. I will post my handmade birthday cupcake templates later :)

Word Wall. I can't stand the messiness of this part of the classroom, but I absolutely adore my word wall! My children learned more words, and they are to use the word wall as a resource to find words in the classroom to spell themselves. Only if the word is not on the word wall will I spell it for them, or I will have them stretch out the words themselves.

* The Word Wall labels & words are from Erica Bohrer. I purchased them on Teachers Pay Teachers, and you should too! She's SO creative :)

My Reading Center. This area is way more organized now than shown in this picture. The books from the other kindergarten teachers. The baskets have stories that are hand-me-downs from family members. I also have puzzles for students to play with (they are from Costco.) The puzzles allow students to practice creating their ABCs, Numbers 1-20, and identify different animal life in various habitats.

Once, I caught my students singing the numbers song. Almost brought tears to my eyes :)

Behavior Chart. Also from Erica Bohrer, I saw her behavior chart and adapted it to my class. I'm not a fan of the red, yellow, and green classroom behavior system. I'd rather have children practice reading where they fall in their behavior throughout the day. This behavior system has my kiddos also visually knowing how their day is going.

Warning: Student has been warned about their negative classroom behavior.
5 Minutes Off: Student receives 5 minutes off from recess time.
No Recess: Student misses 1 recess. Student keeps their name on no recess if they miss 2nd recess as well.
Go to the Office: Student is removed from the classroom because of behavior. Counselor or Admin will remove from classroom to counsel student.

I have the children remove their name themselves, EXCEPT if the student is unable to do so.

The front of my classroom. My students pictures are displayed around the classroom to display our class community. I have a header that is still in the making (it is on my cutting board as we speak.) Children gather on the carpet for Morning Business (shown at the right) and whole group lessons. The books that are a part of our author study remain at the front of the classroom.

Now I can officially say, welcome to my 1st classroom :)

Thank you to my family (Mommy & Anshoo), Uncle Roy, Aunty Pam, and "brothers" Dane & Kento for helping me create my classroom. It would definitely not be where it is without all of you :)

-- L

PS. Late Wednesday Wardrobe. Repping some Kate Spade when I voted on Ratification Day :) Yay HI teachers for our new 4-year contract!

Top: Banana Republic (oldie) Skirt: Kate Spade Watch: Fossil (oldie)

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