Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tweet Tweet!

Thanks to teacher friend Angela.. my class is officially on Twitter!

NO NO NO.. not that kind of Twitter. My classroom's twitter. So silly.

At the end of each day (but its been only 4 days a week because of May Day practice), my kiddies reflect on their day. They color the happy face yellow when they have a good day, and they color the sad face blue when they have a bad day. This identifies colors and facial expressions for my kids. Hee hee symbolism at age 5!

Since their first post a couple of weeks ago, my students are starting to understand the importance of writing before drawing. They are really trying to s t r e t c h  o u t their words, and even use our word wall! Some of my students even got up from their seat to write about their time with another friend in the class!

"Tweeting" has made writing so much more fun in my class. The parents even had fun looking at other students' "tweets" today :) My class didn't tweet today, but they will tomorrow because we don't have May Day practice tomorrow.

On another side note, I hope everyone is having a fantastic week thus far. It's hump day tomorrow! Smile because it's almost the weekend!

Until next time lovelies :)
-- L

OOTD on Monday. Top: Banana Republic. Skirt: Banana Republic. Belt: Banana Republic (oldie) Watch: Fossil (oldie)

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