Thursday, April 25, 2013

We're going on an African Safari!

Today, my kinders and I had the best field trip ever. WE WENT TO THE ZOO!! Although it was crazy and hectic (to say the least), it was by far my favorite field trip with my little ones. They asked so many questions about the animals compared to their own lives that I'm proud their observing and inquiring about the world around them.

"What kinda monkey is this, Miss Agcaoili!?" - T

"Look B! You like 'The Lion King' right? It's your Pumbaa!"

"Wait.. the male peacocks are the prettier ones!? So, is this is a male peacock?" - V

I spy a peacock :)

I asked the children about giraffes, and how their physical characteristics compare to ours. They will be doing activities tomorrow about their chosen research animal: The lion!

They loved how the zebras were nearby too! "There are 4 giraffes in all!" - T

Earlier this month, the zoo welcomed the birth of three lion cubs! My students were so fortunate enough to watch them play and interact with their mother! Here is the link to the story about the lion cubs & their names.

S: Miss Agcaoili, why are there flies all over the rhinos?
B: It means they don't take a shower!
D: They smell so stink!
J: Ugh.. it's so stinkyyyy
T: Miss Agcaoili, it smells so stink!!
Me: I'm sure the rhinos take showers.
B: Well, I bet it's not everyday!
Me: So, now you all know what happens. If you don't take a shower, then what does that mean?
Everyone: WE STINK!
Me: Okay, so please remember that and always come to school showered! I don't want those things to fly around in my classroom :)

The parents laughed so hard listening to our conversation -___-

I can't wait for our lion research and zoo project to begin tomorrow :) I'm so excited to end the month of April with such a wonderful theme! Happy Thursday night everyone!

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