Thursday, June 27, 2013


I got the most a-m-a-z-i-n-g news today..

I'm teaching 4th grade starting July!

My dream finally came true! I've always wanted to teach 4th grade. It was my favorite grade in elementary school. I loved learning about my state. It was when I learned how to multiply, and begin to divide. Most of all, it was when I discovered I love to write. Writing was my way to jot my thoughts down, and let my ideas escape.

I'm so excited to implement everything I wanted to start, and furthermore, begin at the beginning of the school year! Last year, I started in November. This time, I'm starting with my own students. I can't wait for that :)

Until then.. I'll be pinning.. prepping.. looking at standards.. and finishing strong with summer school!

PS. I'm sorry for the delay with the pictures from my trip.. but here's a short TBT (throwback Thursday)

On our field trip to Edible Arrangements on Wednesday..
G: Excuse meeee, we can't go in there
Me: Why not?
G: Because it says 'Employees Only'
Me: But.. we're on a field trip.. so we can go in.

HAHAHA. Oh Mini Sheldon :)

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