Sunday, June 30, 2013

Take Me Back to SF.

Words can't describe how amazing it felt to be back in my 2nd most favorite city: San Francisco. For some weird reason (next to Oregon), it feels like a home away from home. The people are friendly. The weather is my favorite. I missed layering!

My uncle got me the sickest hotel room EVER. The Grand Hyatt is super eco-friendly, and had the MOST GORGEOUS VIEW OF SF. As I'm his only niece, I'm definitely spoiled! My favorite was having my name on the TV ;)

I will never forget Mikaku. A-hole-in-the-wall Japanese restaurant with delicious food. The salad dressing is homemade & had the most interesting ingredients mixed in it! Let's just say it's very healthy :)

I recommend everyone to go on a wine tour to Sonoma & Napa. I officially love Napa, and wouldn't mind living there one day. The town is so quaint, and I loved walking around to the different shops. We ate at Michael Chiarello's NapaStyle. The pulled pork sandwich was AMAZING. I want to go back one day :) Plus.. our bus driver was the best! He shared the coolest stories, and gave really good recommendations about the different vineyards & where to go in Napa. If I ever meet him again.. I would want him to be my bus driver again!

Lastly, Mommy & I went on the cable cars. After we hungout at the pier and Fisherman's Wharf, we rode the cable car! It was my first time ever on a cable car, and now I know why it's so much fun to ride.

I miss walking around everywhere, and I feel like I might want to do that at home soon. It's different walking everywhere at home, but maybe I can walk home from work more often or something. But, I miss the SF atmosphere for sure. Hopefully I can go again next year :)

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