Thursday, June 20, 2013

Uh oh.. where'd my money go!

.. it went all to my trip to Vegas&SF!! More update on that later..

But wow! I haven't updated in a LONG time. This summer, I'm back at my middle&high school alma mater to teach summer school :) So excited to spend time with many of the kids who 1st taught me that I have a love for teaching. I'm so excited to be teaching an inquiry-based learning class called Money Doesn't Grow on Trees. This class teaches children how to build a business, and the important concepts to consider about real-life business and money management skills. Although I wasn't a business major in school, I love how this class allows me to integrate economics (social studies) standards with math and language arts common core standards. It's a challenge teaching 4 grade levels everyday for 5 weeks  (1st & 2nd grade, then 3rd & 4th grade for 2 hours everyday), but I love the challenge of all grade levels as a regular summer school teacher :) Guess this summer will remind me too that I have to save WAY more than spend on cutesie clothes. RAWR. Gotta practice what I preach!

Please check out my blog links for this class! It'll be a weekly thing for the next 5 weeks :)

Here's also a sneak peek of my trip to Vegas & SF. The first official mother-daughter trip & I also got to visit some high school friends who moved up to the mainland. I love my new Diana Mini; thanks to Lomography for their 50% off all camera close out sale at Union Square :D

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