Sunday, July 14, 2013

Last Week of Summer School.

Last week's craziness with Spirit Week..

Monochrome Monday! Jeff came to teach the kiddies about advertising and how to attract people to their event. Ladies.. he's single! :)
Taylor & I had a crazy adventure with those little ones that's for sure. The secret planners of Spirit Week ;)
My teaching partner-in-crime, Appi, and I before planning for Wednesday's craziness!
top: anthropologie; jeans: br; shoes: nordstrom

Pajama Party Tuesday. I absolutely L O V E my TOMS.
sweater: Gap; leggings: Gilly Hicks; shoes: TOMS

Sporty Wednesday. Even during the craziness of the kiddies' sale, TJ & I snuck in a picture :) I'm so sad he's back at Air Force for school, but I was so grateful he came to support my class. Ladies.. he's single too!

Green&White Friday with our ice cream movie party. We had to celebrate our end of summer school craziness!
Tomorrow, I meet my new elementary school. AAAHHH! Super nervous, but excited at the same time. Wish me luck :)

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