Sunday, July 28, 2013

Set-Up Week with the FamBam

Day 2 (7/19) of set-up consisted of taking down the textbooks and organizing them. Using the table groups I created, I organized the curriculum books by subject. My aunty&uncle also surprised me with lunch! Uncle Roy helped me wipe down some furniture and Aunty Pam helped me organize the past teacher's papers. It was so messy, so I didn't take pictures >.<

On Day 3 (7/22), I worked by myself because we had our 1st grade level meeting. It was nice to finally meet everyone I'll be working with. I think we're going to have a good group :)

Day 4 (7/24) of set-up was a little more chaotic. My brother, Andrew, Aunty Pam, and cousin Ryan all came to help me. They wiped down the rest of the cabinets and containers that I couldn't get to, brought the boxes from Granny's House to my classroom, and helped me unpack. Aunty Pam & Ryan also helped me sort through the manipulatives. By the end of the afternoon, my room looked like a big explosion of s t u f f.


On Day 5 (7/25), I went in by myself. Since my family wasn't there, I had all day to figure out where I wanted to put things. I realized I didn't know what to do and where to put things because there was so much room. Plus, I'm trying to be mindful of where I put it because I want to make sure that wherever I put things (and whatever I'm keeping) will be useful for at least my first year.

My Reading Corner is finally done! As we have 90-minutes of reading, I'm planning on using 45-minutes with the school's curriculum and the other 45-minutes for Book Club. As I begin planning this week, then I'll post what I'm going to do :)

I also began setting up my bookshelf. There's a metal bookshelf that's not allowed to be moved, so I'm making use of it! It's my resource area. It's not finished yet since there's a lot of Hawaiiana (Hawaiian Studies) and science books that need to be looked through. But I F I N A L L Y narrowed down which dictionaries I feel the students will benefit from. There were 20+ dictionaries with many being from the 1980s!!

Lastly, my desk is coming together. Definitely not done yet!! Work in progress for sure.


On Day 6 (7/26), Uncle Roy & Ryan surprised me by coming to do my bulletin boards. They also brought my cousin's friend, Nai. Last year, Uncle Roy set up my bulletin boards and I just L O V E D it, so he did it again with a price -- dinner to Hakone (which I took him for Father's Day with the rest of our families.) This year, he helped me decide this year's theme. Last year was owls, and this year it'll be a beach theme. Instead of using fadeless paper, I used rectangular table cloths from Party City. As the bulletin boards were brownish gray, we had to use the white side of the fadeless paper to bring out the color of the tablecloth. From my experience last year, the colors last all year (well at least between November-May HAHA). We used one tablecloth per bulletin board, and there was still extra!! I think the boys did an awesome job on my boards :)


The best part about cleaning is finding all those college memories. The first thing I found & organized was my binder from Linfield. The cover photo is from my last art project. We were supposed to create a picture that represents ourselves. Using pictures, I created how I write my initials. The words surrounding it are my favorite song lyrics. The list of songs in the 2nd picture are from my friend, Megan. When she was leaving for New Zealand (she went junior year 1st semester and we made the songs sophomore year 2nd semester, we went through our own iTunes and created CD's for each other and wrote a note to each other. She was my best girl friend in college, and the one I ran to about everything. We still talk from time to time, but because she lives in Boise and goes to PT school in Missoula, its been hard to keep in touch. But, I texted her right away when I found the list!

I'm excited to finish my room on Monday. It was supposed to be Friday, but going through everything has been a minor setback. Now I'm ready to finish everything up and get ready to start planning for school!

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