Friday, August 2, 2013

Guess what!?

That's right! I got an iPad! Okay.. you caught me.. it's not really mine. It belongs to my school, but I get to use it all year long. yayyy S O  S T O K E D. I may not have a SMART Board or Promethean Board, but I'll definitely take an iPad. Not all of my students will be able to use it at one time (I have 3 in my classroom), but I'll consider it when I implement Daily 5 or weekly rotations. Haven't fully decided which one I want to do more, but we'll see after I finish my research this weekend.

Until then, hellooo 21st century learning! I'm so excited to see you :)

PS. Please check out VH07V. My brother does filming and pictures for them & I love wearing this racerback tank. It's so comfy & light. Please help & support!

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