Sunday, December 15, 2013

All I Want for Christmas Linky Link

Now that the hectic week of science fair projects are over.. I can finally think of Christmas for this last week of school! I'm so excited to decorate our classroom tomorrow afternoon :) But to get started in the holiday spirit.. I know I'm a little late for this linky.. but here's my holiday wishlist in my linky with 2nd Grade Shenanigans!

For the Girly Girl

When I was in middle and high school, my mom wouldn't let me wear make-up. I could only wear for my dance concerts, proms, and winterballs. She always told me its because when you actually do "dress-up," then everyone will be shocked! Well she was right, everyone couldn't believe the difference make-up looked on my face. Even the boy bestie likes me without make-up and being surprised when I do wear. So ever since high school, I find it a pain to wear make-up (even when I was at Linfield.) But when I do wear make-up, I'm a huge Laura Mercier fan. It is easy to wear and so light on my face. The tinted oil-free moisturizer is my go to especially since there's SPF 20 sunscreen, and it doesn't feel like sunscreen! yayyyyy

Craft fairs are a huge deal in Hawaii! Local small business vendors come out during the holiday season to share items they have worked months on or even all year! Last month, I went to a craft fair with my family and I found ccdoodle. I LOVE my brown obi belt, but I use mine as a turban and a belt. My second favorite belt is this one! I hope to purchase more from her soon!

I love my new Fossil watch! I've had my first Fossil watch since I was a freshman in college, and the battery died on me last month. It was definitely a sign! I can't wait to wear it around everywhere :)

I would love to have these one day.. someday.. in the future :) loveyyyy my Tory Burch

The bestest teacher bag everrr. I love my Longchamp bags. One of my teacher friends couldn't stop admiring mine, and her loving boyfriend bought her one. She uses it everywhere!

My North Face watershell rainjacket is nearing the end of its 6 year life. Guess its time for a new one! They came out with the cutest new colors :) Best rainjacket everrr.

For the Teacher

I love Rebecca Rojas' Create Teach Share blog! She has the most amazing math supplements for upper elementary students. She just came out with a huge fractions printables for 4th grade yayyyy for me! I'm so excited to buy it for myself this Christmas and use it after Winter Break to reinforce concepts for their upcoming testing :)

Can't get enough of Mr. Sketch. Best anchor chart markers invented (with pretty smelling scents.)

Who doesn't love Starbucks?? I know I can't live without my coffee. Even their pastries are deeeelicious :)

What is on your Christmas list this year? :)

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