Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best of 2013 & 2 Linky Links :)

Wow.. 2013 was definitely one crazy year. I'm linking up with Elizabeth from Kickin' It in Kindergarten to share my top 3 favorite instagram moments in 2013 :) What a cute idea for a linky link right? Gotta love these kindergarten teachers!

[[ number three ]]

The day my dreams came true. My favorite teacher is my 4th grade teacher; we still keep in touch till this day. After being displaced at the end of the school year, I got the call in July saying that I was going to be teaching 4th grade! I couldn't believe that I got my favorite grade! * happy dance * One of the first people I told was my 4th grade teacher; I just hope I could make an impact on students' lives as much as she did for me.

[[ number two ]]

The beginning of a huge blessing. Teaching 4th grade has been a bigger challenge than I anticipated.  My cousin (who's now a sophomore at my college alma mater! Go Wildcats!) donated his childhood chapter books to my classroom. But that was just the beginning.. family friends have donated toys for my lanai recess days (in Hawaii, it means the kids play on the sidewalk or lanai), school supplies, and even treats for my classroom for their Winter Party. The amount of love&&support I've had so far at the start of my teaching career is so overwhelming that saying 'thank you' doesn't even suffice as enough gratitude. All I can say is I'm truly blessed, and I can't thank everyone enough.

[[ number one ]]

On a more personal note, my 2013 started off very rocky. But from the very beginning of the rockiness, one of my college friends stepped up and was there for me everyday. If it wasn't for Kadin making sure I was okay everyday, I don't know how I would be right now. Everyday, he would Skype or Facetime me just to make sure I was okay. We would even do snail mail! Gah.. I'm getting teary-eyed.  Its been 3 years since I've left Linfield, and he just graduated this year with an Exercise Science degree. I couldn't be more proud of my best friend with his perseverance to finish. I'm his dino love. He's my lovebug. && we're each other's besties. I'm so excited to see him in June :)

I hope in 2014 I keep up with my blog and meet new friends. Its been amazing meeting some Hawaii bloggers too! With that said, I also linked up with Jennifer at Simply Kinder!

Just like her, I started this as simple fun just to follow my favorite TPT authors. I hope to one day contribute to their millions of resources. But for now, this is my story. && I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for us all.

Happy New Year everyone :)

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  1. happy new year! you look too young to teach! what a blessing! =) congrats on your new teaching gig! <3


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