Friday, December 27, 2013

Today, I don't feel like doing anything...

Everyone must admit.. we have those days. I definitely have those lazy days. As I'm finishing my Intentional Planning Guide for my GLAD PD course, I had trouble figuring out which strategies I was going to talk about (see what happens when I procrastinate...)

While I was at my 4-day observation training for GLAD Tier I Training, I had the tune to Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song" stuck in my head! Well, my class is a bunch of singers, so the class and I tend to get serenaded by my singing boys. (At least they hold a tune HAHA) Sooo, during my class (which is supposed to be student free from my kiddies) this song was playing in my head! One of my partner teachers was laughing because she couldn't figure out why I kept writing on the side of my spiral notebook. It took me 1 1/2 hours to write this song for them on Multiplying Fractions:

To my surprise, after the students learned this song, it was the only lyrics they sang from the song! Best part yet, Chuck E. Cheese walked in on them singing it one day and even Chuck E's helpers sang it with them! My kids were so into it, and I just couldn't believe how excited they were to share a song they learned from me :)

To solidify what they learned, it is important to process the song. As I have several ELL students in my class, I color-coordinated the different verses to assist with their processing of the song. The notes in the students' books were written after we went over it as a class. To apply their knowledge of the steps through the song, I used Rebecca Rojas' Common Core Math Outside of the Box worksheet to test their concept. My students love her worksheets :)

Lesson learned: If my students sing it long enough, they forget the original words to the song ;)

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