Friday, January 3, 2014

First Five for Friday & Linky of 2014

Woo hoo! My first Linky of two zero one four, and my first ever Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching! I'm actually very excited about this. Everytime I read everyone else's Five for Friday.. it's a day after or two! But, it's 10:32 pm Hawaii Time so I make the cut * happy dance *

This is the one time I'll ever admit I'm a brat. Since I was a baby, it's a tradition on the Korean side of the family to make mandoo and pajut (Korean dumplings and hamburger) on New Year's Eve. Normally, it's my mom, brother, and I who make it. We also decided to do it a day earlier. This year, my aunty, uncle, and cousin wanted to be a part of it. The not-so-baby cousin and I got to cook together too. I even taught my cousin and uncle how to wrap mandoo! I never cook.. but I learned how to wrap from my mommy, Granny, and grandaunty when I was little and it just always stuck to me. It's truly my favorite New Year's Eve tradition :)

I'm a H U G E fan of Lyndsey from A Year of Many Firsts! She has the cutest ideas for her first grade class that it makes me miss the primary grades. In August, she came out with her Common Core Binder organizer freebie. As a disclaimer, I wasn't asked to promote nor being asked to promote her item. I'm also not selling any items on my blog, and this is all Lyndsey's idea. Please check out her links that I've attached :) I would just like to share how I'm using her tools for my upper elementary needs.

Lyndsey created the Common Core Binder to help organize all the new Common Core standards. I love how the cover pops on my yellow binder!

My standards are much lengthier than hers. I did my best to create her layout to fit my fourth grade standards :) I wish I had the borders she used!

I loved her idea so much.. I did it for all of my standards (except ELA Speaking and Listening.)

This is such an amazing freebie! It has helped me to organize my standards as a new teacher. She has so many cute items for primary grades :) This weekend, I'm going to use her organizer to help me address standards for third quarter!

My school practices Response to Intervention (RtI) for Language Arts and Math. As a new teacher, I've had the most difficult time with implementation. While cleaning my classroom these past couple of days, I found this old gem in my "college textbooks" section of my bookshelf! I remembered reading this in Teaching Literacy II. Owocki has great planning charts and resources for elementary teachers. I really like her work. I'll be refreshing my memory of her work this weekend for sure :)

This stack. Does anyone else have a stack of resources and to-do's before the kiddies come back? This is mine.. the rest of it is at school * jaw drop *

I have a H U G E problem. All my best friends live across the Pacific Ocean -___- At home, she lives 10 minutes away, but this girl is finishing college in SoCal right now. It's always fun catching up with Lianne & I've definitely missed spending time with the other L. Sadly with our busy schedules, she leaves this weekend and today was the only day we could meet. Better late than never!

I hope everyone had a great week so far & have an awesome weekend :) Is anyone ready for next week? I'm definitely not..

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