Thursday, January 16, 2014

Believe in What You Teach.

"Miss Agcaoili, you know every time you draw those picture charts I always go home and redraw it. I pretend I'm the teacher and I say what each part is. I think I want to be a teacher." -- DK

Currently, I'm enrolled in a 9-credit Professional Development course on a follow-up for GLAD Tier I implementation. This is an example of a GLAD Pictorial Chart. This is prior to us processing it as a class with picture file cards and vocabulary cards. To discuss biomes and ecosystems, my students learned about the Hawaiian Rainforest.

Just by my sketches (and I admit I used the projector to help me draw a lot of it), my students realized that each organism is linked to one another. I didn't even talk to them about the food chain yet! I was so impressed with my students. To be honest.. I didn't even realize they were linked to one another when I was choosing the organisms. I love how teaching is always full of surprises :)

For more information on Project GLAD, here is the website --> click here

Note: I was not asked to promote Project GLAD in any way. I just wanted to share my experience in strategies that are working for my classroom :)


  1. Love love love GLAD! You have reminded me to use more strategies in my everyday teaching! Thanks! :)

    1. Thanks Nicole :) YES keep doing them!


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