Monday, February 17, 2014

A Little Spirit. Reading. && Love in G-107

I'm sorry for the MIA. The fourth graders have been busy with a whole month of testing. Unfortunately, they're not done yet. They have their 2nd round of state science testing next week (eeek!), but they've been doing really well preparing for their tests! In the meantime, last week was spirit week. I think the teachers had more fun than the students :P

 [[ MONDAY ]] Favorite Character Day -- girly version of Sherlock Holmes
 [[ WEDNESDAY ]] Sports Fanatic Day -- My cousin's senior year volleyball shirt his family made & I also wore my Linfield sweatshirt for football (Go Wildcats!)
[[ THURSDAY ]] Wacky Dressed Day -- I also had a yellow&white striped cardigan with this outfit. My students have never seen me in an outfit like this! (but they thought I looked normal -___-)
[[ FRIDAY ]] Formal Fancy Friday -- Of course I wore a cardigan over this dress, but this Fighting Eel dress was definitely fancy for school. The picture on the right was the last time I wore it to a fancy dinner. Most students dressed for this day out of all of the days!

I forgot to take a picture for Pajama Party Tuesday :( We had grade level articulation day, so I forgot to take a picture in my lovely sweats.
On Friday, we also celebrated Valentine's Day. We were so busy and didn't have time to have a Valentine's Day Party, but I wanted to integrate some candy for them to practice their fractions. They counted the total number of candy hearts they had, and wrote the fractions by color and the types of candy hearts I put in their cup. We ran out of time, but I wanted them to create an equivalent fraction. Maybe next year I'll have more time :)

Lastly, I wanted to linky up with Teaching Madness on Must-Read Monday! My students L O V E science and adventurous stories. Furthermore, they L O V E read alouds. I read "Escaping the Giant Wave" while student-teaching for 5th grade (the librarian at the school I was placed at recommended to me the book). The 5th graders were hooked! Unfortunately, I couldn't find a copy in a bookstore. Then one day, I went to a library bookstore and voila! The only copy of "Escaping the Giant Wave." I didn't care if it was used; it was just meant to be to read this amazing story to my lovely fourths.

Peg Kehret tells a realistic fictional story about a sixth grader, Kyle, who goes on a family vacation to the Oregon Coast. Unfortunately for him, his school bully is also attending the same trip with his own family. As the parents are all on a dinner party on a yacht, Kyle babysits his sister at the hotel. An announcement of a tsunami warning is reached, and Kyle is left to care for his sister AND learn to work with his bully to survive alive out of the tsunami!

We're in Chapter 4; these 4th graders are sooooo hooked!

Another favorite of my students are "The Magic School Bus". What student doesn't love The Magic School Bus?? I'm glad they made a chapter book series to help reaffirm those science concepts for children. We read "Voyage to the Volcano" to remind ourselves of fast processes versus slow processes. My Level 3 ELL student is reading these books more with his older sister to assist in his understanding of other biomes. I'm going to have him compare and contrast the penguin and the polar bear as it is a standard for him to really understand to help with the science testing coming up.

Has your school had Spirit Week? How was your Valentine's Day? Don't forget to hop on over to Teaching Madness for more book ideas! Until next time.. and hopefully not a month later..

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