Saturday, May 31, 2014

Stories from G-107 #2

On the bus to Polynesian Cultural Center
JW: Miss Agcaoili! DK wants to buy you a house!
Me: laughing DK.. last field trip you said you were already going to give me all your money. Now you want to buy me a house??
DK: Yes! JW laughing in the background
Me: Can I also request a pool?
DK: YES! A biiiiiig house with a pool :)
Me: Can I get this all in writing?????
DK: Um......... let me build the house first!
all 3 of us laughing for a solid 3 minutes

Yesterday was the last Teacher Work Day of the year, and I had 3 of my students come to visit me. Why they come to school on their 1st day of summer vacation is beyond me!! But, I was really happy to see them and the room felt weird without them there. One of my rascal boys came to see me and had this conversation with his brother:

AH little brother: That's your teacher?
AH: Yeah that's my 4th grade teacher.. but she's moving to 3rd next year.
Me: Yes I am.. and your big brother helped me move. He was so helpful! I'm so grateful for all he did yesterday.
Little brother: Oooh.. why?
AH: Idk.. I think it's ridiculous. She should really be with us again for 5th.

Thanks AH.

But I'm wiling to admit.. my first class that I've had a full year with will always hold a special place in my heart. At the end of the year, they collectively said they didn't want the year to end. Let alone.. when the bell rang.. they threw a fit when I told them the dismissal bell rang and wanted 5 more minutes together to continue their kickball game. So, we stayed almost 10 more minutes after the bell rang, and they still were bummed to go home. I feel like G-107 wasn't just a classroom for us.. but it was family we created together. They're definitely irreplaceable <3 I love them all as if they were my own.

I hope you all have a wonderful end of the year as we did :)

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