Monday, May 26, 2014

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Happy Memorial Day to everyone! Several of my high school friends (pictured) are in the military, and I'm so honored to be friends with them. Two of them are in school (navy and air force), one has been deployed twice, & one is stationed in Kansas. Some of my uncles have also served in World War II and the Korean War.. I'm just so blessed to have them in my life :)

Well here it is.. the end of the year is upon us! I'm sorry for MIAness blogging friends. It has been a crazy month for sure (as I'm sure its been for all of you), but here's my very late..

& this will explain to all of you my absence from the blogging world.

My class has always been a bunch of singers. As I've posted before, they were crazy over Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song." Well, to help them with long division, I created this song to Pitbull's "Timber." Can you sing it too? :) It was stuck in my kids' heads even after their state testing! They've been singing it this past week and still can't get enough of it!

My class won the Golden Broom Award for the 2nd time this school year! Woo hoo! The Golden Broom Award is awarded to the class with the cleanest classroom for the week :) Yay G-107!

I'm not a fan of having my students be my Facebook friends (let alone my students having Facebook.) Unfortunately for me, they found me!! I've explained to those students who tried to add me that I'm not going to add them as a friend, but a BIG maybe when they get to middle and high school HAHA. But for now, I'm going to nicely deny their friend requests. They were bummed HAHA. But I found these 2 messages (on KidBiz and as a FB message) by my students. I just had to at least take a picture because it brought a smile to my face :)

Last field trip of the year: Polynesian Cultural Center! As a local, I've never been to PCC, but it was nice to play tourist with my students for a day. We visited Samoa and Fiji, and it was fun for my students to take pride in where they came from for a day :) I think their favorite part of PCC was riding on the canoe and waving to the other 3 classes that were on 2 separate canoes.

After a month of waiting, my principal informed me that he's moving me to 3rd grade! I'm sad to leave my 4th grade team, but I'm excited for what's in store for the future. I have lots of fun with the 3rd grade team, and it'll be a great experience to work with them closely next year. I broke the news to my class this past Thursday after our field trip, and they were really upset I wasn't looping with them to 5th. But they're happy they get to help me pack and move to 3rd :)

All of my fourth grade resources were placed in these color-coded folders. These folders were amazing! For example, all of my math resources were in blue. I put the hard copies in the viewing pocket, and the extras were in the stringed pocket. I had each folder labeled with the standards and a phrase to remind me what the standard is about.

As I'm giving my extra Rizzo'd copies to another teacher (can't waste paper now can we!), I'm labeling each folder with the Common Core State Standard. Hopefully next year's 4th grade teachers can still benefit from these resources :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful 3-day weekend :)

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