Sunday, June 1, 2014

Currently.. JUNE!

Holy moly! Happy June my blogging friends :) This year is flying by before our very eyes. Guess that means we need to live up to it each & everyday before 2014 goes bye bye! Well.. since I missed it a couple months.. I definitely didn't want to miss another one of Farley's Currently's.

Listening: At the time.. Miss Carly Rae Jepsen showed up on my iTunes. I'm going to miss rocking out to this song with my 4th graders. Now.. I have to find songs 3rd graders may like..

Loving: Yes! Summer vacation is officially here in the state of Hawaii :) Only thing is.. I'm teaching summer school starting June 9th. SO FAST! Gotta soak in my extra hours of sleep as much as I can.

Thinking: Since I'm moving grade levels againnnn.. I'm actually packing for 2 classrooms. YES TWO! My classroom isn't staying a 4th grade classroom. It's actually turning into a 5th grade room. So.. that means the 4th grade is moving upstairs. GAH! So my kids helped me move items upstairs (biggest sweethearts in the world).. but there's still so much left to do. BLAH. Plus.. I'm still packing my things and throwing things out to move to 3rd. Bleh. The list seems reallyyy long in my head..

Wanting: YES. The weather's been decent in Hawaii nei. Yesterday it rained towards the end of the day.. but during the day.. it was absolutely gorgeous :) I need some color back on this skin :P

Needing: As I shared earlier.. I'm teaching summer school again this year. If you've followed me before.. I teach at my high school alma mater during the summer. It's a private Pre-K to 12 school, and I'll be teaching a blended 1-2 & 3-4 class called Money Doesn't Grow on Trees. I love how it's a thematic unit course, and it integrates all subjects :) This summer.. I want to find a way to integrate science. Maybe we can make lemonade for the sale or something! Any easy food ideas for kids? Please send it my way!

Summer Bucket List:
1. Go to the beach -- must. must. M U S T!
2. Hangout with friends -- I only see a couple friends throughout the school year because the real world prevents us from getting together. Since some of my friends came home from college and my other friends won't be working as much either.. I'll finally have time :)
3. Finish my classroom -- I'm reallyyy excited to get a b i g g e r classroom with a lot of wall space! When I start decorating.. I'll definitely show you pictures! Gotta go one classroom at a time though.. hee hee.
4. Exercise 3x a week -- Bought a YMCA membership for the summer. Definitely using the gym A LOT this summer :) But for now.. moving boxes and books around my 4th grade classroom is my form of exercise that I can handle hee hee

What are your summer plans? It's your turn to join Farley :)

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