Thursday, June 5, 2014

Stories from G-107 #3

Last Day of School Memories.

A little background history: My class had a bunch of siblings, and I felt it was important to get to know them as well. One of my boys has a brother who comes to visit my class often. I've explained to both boys that when and if I were to ever have my own children, and if they're boys, they prepped me well on what life would be like if I had sons. This school year, they were attached to me by the hip. KI's sibling normally isn't on the talkative side. But for some funny reason.. the last day of school proved otherwise..

MI: Miss Agcaoili, whyyyy aren't you staying in 4th grade?? I wanted you next year!
Me: Oh MI.. I wish I could've gotten to teach you too! I was looking forward to it, but you can always visit me when your brother comes to visit too.
MI: NO! You need to be my teacher! Who can I talk to about this!?
Me: Well.. the principal is the one who's making me switch grades..
MI: OKAY! I'm going to talk to him!
His brother (my student) and I start to laugh
Me: Uhhhh.. you're going to talk to the principal?
MI: Yup! I'm going to walk up to him and say I don't like this. I want you as my teacher! & then you'll become my teacher!

Then, MI finds my "Frozen" blu-ray (and for a boy.. he was very excited)

MI: Miss Agcaoili, can I borrow your "Frozen" dvd pleeeeease? I promise to take good care of it and return it to you! I'm taking summer school. Pleeeeeease can I borrow?
Me: Sorry MI.. but you can watch it when you come to visit me next year.
MI: Pleeeeeeeeeease...
Me: Sorry MI, but I want to take it home..
MI (sings): Why you gotta be so ruuuuude? I wanna watch Frozen tooooo. Why you gotta be so ruuuuuude? I wanna watch it anywayyyyy.
KI & I start laughing for a good 3 minutes

^ ^ This is the song MI got his song from

I guess making songs for my students started rubbing on to their siblings :)

Do you have any students who just make you laugh & do the silliest things? I will admit.. I miss these 2 boys a ton!

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