Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Top 10.

Now that I finally have some down time.. I can finally link up with this party I've been wanting to link up with for weeks! I'm linking up with Deanna Jump from Mrs. Jump's Class for her Ten Things I Want to Do This Summer.

Moving in. Guess who's finally all moved into her new classroom? THIS GIRL! I'm loving my new classroom :) There's absolutely no exaggeration about that. The high ceilings. Awesome view. Waxed floor instead of all carpet. Tons of bulletin board and wall space. Most importantly.. I'll still have a breeze in my class! Yes! This girl is moving in this summer :)

Going back to where I'm from. I have the privilege of going back to my alma mater and teaching for the 3rd summer in a row. This will be my 2nd year of teaching Money Doesn't Grow on Trees, and it always reminds me of how to (re)create a thematic unit. Every week, I'll be blogging about my summer journey. Check out this week's adventure --> GO TO BLOG

Bookworm it. I have a stack of books that I would love to read. It ranges from teaching books to one that was recommended by a teacher friend. The 2nd edition of Daily 5 is high priority as I want to implement both math & reading next year. Currently Reading: The 5 Love Languages.


Beach bum boogie. I must admit.. summer is the most gorgeous time of year in Hawaii. I'm fortunate to grow up in such a beautiful state. This year.. I vow to take more time to get some vitamin D in my life. I want to try 2 days a week :)

Friends... I'll be there for you. I honestly have some of the best friends. As ambitious as we are.. they always make sure I don't work too hard. As 2 of my friends will be starting medical school this year, we've been trying harder than ever to spend more time together.

Wedding fever. 2 of my college friends are getting married this summer. I only can attend 1 of the weddings because the flights to Oregon were too expensive. But a B I G congratulations to my luau partner on his nuptials this past weekend to his college sweetheart! So happy for the 2 of them :)

Food runs. Something my friends & I love to do. E A T. Yes. That's how we hangout.

See Jeremy's face? That was his 1st time to Highway Inn. If you're flying into O`ahu this summer, and want reallyyy good Hawaiian food, check out Highway Inn :)

The other place my friends & I ate was at Olive Tree Cafe. Yummy Greek food fo shooo.

Sew in love with sewing. Yes. It's true. I love to sew. I have these pretty fabrics that I hope to use this summer.

Summer trainings. Our state adopted 2 new curriculums. I was already trained in our new ELA curriculum. In July, I'll be going to a 2-day training for our state's math curriculum. Guess teaching never ends...

SLEEP. Something I'm looking forward to for sure. More s l e e p. I'm excited just to sleep in some days.

What are you excited about this summer? :)


  1. sewing and reading are definitely on my list too! you're going to love the giver. such a good read!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Julia :) I'm excited to read "The Giver" too.. especially with the movie coming out.

  2. the giver is one of my favorite books, i'm actually reading it again now before the movie comes out! =)
    tis the season for weddings!!!
    i'm looking forward to SLEEPING too this summer!


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