Monday, July 21, 2014

I'm Back Beezies.

Yes friends. You've read that title correctly. I'm baaaaaack. It has been a crazy summer & I will update you all slowwwly. But first, I'll talk about my summer through Trina's linky party :)

Meet the Teacher Monday: Summer Edition

1. What's your summer teacher persona? 
  • Slacker Teacher: Catching up on every episode of everything you wanted to watch during the school year 
  • Mommy-On-The-Go: Consumed with your children's extracurricular activities
  • Summer Fun Teacher: Hanging with friends and traveling the world
  • Overachiever Teacher: Making TPT products, preparing your classroom, you never really took a break
As I was told by my friends this summer.. I'm the overachiever teacher. This is my 2nd summer I taught Money Doesn't Grow on Trees. It's an inquiry-based class for elementary school students that allows them to create a business and learn basic money skills. Here is my summer class' blog about this summer -->

Then at least twice a week, for about 2 hours a day, I would go back to school to start my new adventure. Yuuup.. moving in to 3rd :) More on that later.

2. It's a sunny day in July. Your schedule is wide open, so you decide to?

Spend it with these amazing people. Friends who've been there for me through the awkward middle school days & then some. Friends who came home for visits. & friends I miss seeing 5 days a week, who remind me of why I love my job everyday.

But most importantly.. my days are best spent with these loving people I call family.

3. What is your favorite summer thirst quencher?

As much as I love my coffee.. I must admit it isn't my go to summer drink. Some days Jamba Juice sounds perfect.. but other days.. you gotta just cheat with some chocolate ;) I gotta have my Godiva Lava Cake Trufflelata. Previously known as the Dark Chocolate Decadence, Godiva now makes their chocolate shakes with reeeeeal truffles. #fattystatus for real.

4. Where will you be soaking up the summer sun? Have you planned any vacations?

No vacation. This is the first year since I was a freshman in high school that I'm not traveling anywhere. I'm suffocating on this rock for sure. I love to travel. I'm a H U G E travelbug deep down inside. Hopefully I can fly somewhere during our 3-week winter break!

5. Any summer reads, professional and personal?

Click on my last blog post to see the books I'm attempting to read (yet failing at keeping up) as summer ends on Monday (NOOOOO!!!!!)

6. What does your summer TV habits consist of?

  • Pretty Little Liars (die hard fan since 2010)
  • Chasing Life (great storyline!)
  • The Bachelorette (definite guilty pleasure show)
  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians (I admit.. Scott makes me keep watching the show!)
  • Girl Meets World (Disney Channel sequel to Boy Meets World)
  • Mistresses (gotta catch-up)
  • Re-Runs
    • How I Met Your Mother
    • The Big Bang Theory
7. Favorite Summer song of 2014?

I admit.. it's a tie!

Summer -- Calvin Harris

Latch -- Disclosure ft. Sam Smith

Have a wonderful week!


  1. I LOVE PLL. And I must admit, I do watch the Kardashians from time to time mostly for Scott haha!


    1. Oh yes. Scott has changed overtime for the better, but his crazy ideas make the show worth watching :) I relate to Kourtney the most I think, especially since I'm the oldest. Thanks for reading, Sarah!

  2. Love all the pictures. Looks like you're having a great summer! No Godiva near me - but now I wish there was.

    1. Aww thanks girl! It was a rollercoaster of a summer, but I don't want summer to end. If you get a chance to go to Godiva, you gotta try their ice cream AND shakes :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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