Monday, February 16, 2015

Words Per Minute Stresses

As state testing season is about to approach us, my school has been prepping and meeting about the new national test we adapted. As we're gearing towards 21st century learning and the emphasis of techonology readiness skills for students, one of my grade level friends found an awesome website for students to practice their typing skills.

TypingClub is f r e e to use. It's super easyyy to use and the kids' whined that I made them log out (those are the best moments aren't they?) Students can login immediately when they type the url.

From there, students will login their Google account (if they have one.) If not, you can create a TypingClub account for your students.

The lessons for students are numbered in order for your student. The stars signify what lessons they have finished and how well they executed the task. I told my students they can't move on until they get 3 stars! What is also nice is being able to see the kids' statistics on their average words per minute and how much time they've spent practicing. Plus, the kids' could strive for points!

So what does the lesson look like? Well, it tells the students what fingers to use to type! If green shows up, then that means they typed correctly! If there is red, then there was a mistake they made. Speed and accuracy of the lesson is calculated for the students as well.

Lastly, what every teacher loves, when the students' results shows up! It shows the student how many stars they earned, how many points, and their timing for the lesson. (Sorry, yes there may be advertisements, but the students didn't notice!) What I also like is how it gives students' options to redo the lesson to better themselves :)

Check out TypingClub with your kiddos. My 3rds love love love their typing time (especially since they want to type as fast as me hee hee!)

** I was not asked to advertise I'm just sharing my experience and successes of the website with all of you.

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