Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2 more days to go!

Happy happy hump day lovelies!

My lack of bloggy life is really showing again. *grr..*

I have an explanation!

You see.. when it's the school year.. I'm veryyy selective when I choose to go out and when I choose to go out. Honestly.. I'm not cut out to stay out late at night and was never a huge night life girl. I enjoy my sleep and homebody time, especially starting my school days at 7:00 am and lasting until 4:00 pm. But when I do decide to go out, they really are there to share my nights out with me.

From supporting classmates' small businesses to fancy dinners to painting pottery.. yup.. I'm truly a lucky girl who has friends who make sure I have fun once in a while. Here's to 2 more days until Spring Break in Hawai`i nei.

P.S. I'm obsessed with Sam Smith's album! Let alone.. found this choreography online and really started missing contemporary class. Hmm.. something to consider during break? Mayyybeee..


  1. I have to say that we are really alike. I mean if I stay up late, it is because I need to finish up some essay writing. I am not like most of my classmates who turn to best essay writing reviews just because they want to hangout on Tuesday night. I think that my academic career is way too important. I will always have time to party later one (well, at least I hope so a lot). In any case, we are really alike. It is nice to know this.

    1. Yes! There is time to have fun. Its been a balancing act for sure, but after 3+ years, I'm finally getting a sense of how I can have fun yet still work hard. Just always remember that the work will always be there, but the memories you make with family & friends is timeless. Work hard, play hard :)


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